My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Stroke - Updated Dec 22, 2023


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Nov 7, 2006
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Hi Folks,

Here is a quick update for you from today, things are not great for Ron right now.

1) He has a blockage somewhere in his esophagus
2) His ward has been locked down for a COVID outbreak (no we don't want to hear about how COVID is a falacy etc)
3) He has contracted pneumonia.
4) He went for a LOT of tests today, the family is still waiting to hear all the results of the tests so that we can know a prognosis for him

He will be going for a minor procedure tomorrow to install a feeding tube to try to get some food and stuff into him.

Please keep him in your thoughts folks.

Do not turn this into a COVID debate thread, or you will just be banned. I'm not plucking around.
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