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  • I was out yesterday and did a HUGE loop thru York, Southcabin, Lost, Macdonald, gardener and back to the ski hill. MAIN TRAILS are your best bet with the most snow back in the Castle direction. None of the creeks are frozen over, but maybe that changes as it is 30 below this AM. So that was evil!!!!!!!!

    Their is absolutely no base when you venture off of the main roads/quad trails and the snow is pretty much between 2-3 feet everywhere.
    The wind is supposed to pick up on Thursday AM or late Wed night and depending if it is the usual Hurricane force or not bad will really change the snow conditions and trails.
    We did go off the trail in a few places, but it sucked.. As for Fernie,,, Haven't heard a lot except for a couple guys that said they went up to barnes and into the hills on the weekend.
    They said it was great, but their reports are usually sketchy at best and not too reliable
    God bless you sir , God loves you , cares for you and wants to bless you.

    thanks for your input on everything and have a wonderful sunday
    look man i know we had that stupid arguement last year , but i need ur advice since u seem to know alot about yamaha 4stroke sleds , i am 15 and me and my parents are moving to bc in a few yrs me and my dad are gonna buy new sleds out their and we refuse to ride anything but yamaha , my dad wants a yamaha apex mtx. we will do most of our riding in the boondocks so i want something that can carve and go through powder with quite ease , what should i buy?
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