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  • do you still have the RM 250 and would you be interested in selling it? I don't mean right away as i"m half-way across the country. But 82 RM's kick ass.
    how ya been doing joey, see ya come for a look once in a while. keep your chin up, lots here still miss ya.
    $750?! That's an awesome deal for a vintage! We love engines sound like our kinda ppl ;) Happy spring riding and we'll talk soon!
    ps: You can check us out on facebook too if you like HTRDESIGNS | Facebook. I post our newest designs in there. I also post a ton of wicked videos and instructional videos too (fix it types). That always comes in handy ;)
    It's in perfect shape!? Whoa, you are lucky...that must be a sweet looking bike. Our head graphics guy loves dirt biking more than life itself, lol. Happy to hear we're not a bother...we're just a small company doing what we love and sharing it with ppl in hopes they love it as much as we do! Definitely keep in touch...we always like making new friends!! Cheers, Christy
    We're new on here!!! To be honest I didnt know it was such a big deal not to have many posts. Im not too familiar with Snow and Mud etiquette yet. I'm just networking and making friends. We're a design studio made up of sledders and boarders, oh and one dirt biker. If you like sled/quad wraps check out our site Htrintro - Home. If not, Im sorry I didnt mean to bother you. Cheers, Christy.
    Hey Kido glad to see you taking the high road on some of the stuff going on makes you come off as the bigger person
    nice going and have some fun
    4 Buddies and I got kicked out in the last few weeks of school. Made something like this.
    YouTube - oxygen acetylene explosion
    Except we made it in a garbage bag made to fit a 45 gallon drum. Was it loud? Ya a little haha.
    Cant expect to have a bunch of hick farm boys on a island without trying to have a little bit of fun!
    No problem buddy.
    If you happen to go to Capernwray for any reason, dont tell them you know Chance Bertsch lol.
    But thats a different story. haha
    I'm not sure what all there is scheduled, but they have a boat for water skiing, and other activities like that, as well as a climbing wall, and other stuff like that. You can browse through the site there and see all the different programs they have. And if you like it there, there is always the year long school program. LOTS of information in that one year. They say it would be equivelant to going to church every sunday for 8 years.
    Hey Joey I used to go to school not to far from where you live. A little island just off of Chemainus. Capernwray Harbor Bible School. They have some awesome summer camp programs from what I hear, and I really enjoyed my year there. Made some awesome friends that I will have for life.
    Welcome to Capernwray | Capernwray Bible Centre
    Sooke, BC to Thetis Island, BC - Google Maps
    Joey, I'm telling you this as an on line friend. You're getting caught up in the personal BS again. Don't get on the "I'll be out of here soon" kick again and try to not bring your religion into it. You're just asking for a beating. I'm a Christian too but that's not what people come on here to discuss. Shrug off the Idiot comments...ignore them. As soon as they get a rise out of you they get relentless. Again, IGNORE THE IDIOTS and listen to advice when you ask for it. Anyways, I really like your bikes...don't trade them in unless you have to.
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