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  • Hey, can you do a design for me on a Apex ? Mad clown Canadian bloody blue on black and white. Also wrap for an Alpine tunnel.
    All NEW bike wraps & quad wraps....Im loving designing them, so check em out! Honda CRF 250 2010 Bike Wrap - HTR Designs
    Yamaha Rhino ATV Wrap - HTR Designs
    Polaris RZR - HTR Designs
    HTR for all things graphics! We do signage, business cards and vehicle graphics. Htrintro - Home.
    Love us on facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --> HTRDESIGNS - Local Business - Castlegar, British Columbia | Facebook. More special deals and promos then you can shake a stick at. You dont want to miss out.
    Wrap it and rip it at HTR Designs! It's time to dust off that ATV and give HTR a call 250-365-8322, or email us at and don't forget to check us out on the web at Htrintro - Home & HTRDESIGNS - Local Business - Castlegar, British Columbia | Facebook.
    The Sky's the limit!!
    yeah I'm a dumb ass should have beat you to this a long time ago. chit I hope this ain't gonna be how the XP vs Pro thing works out. I'm changing my aviter to my wheelie to.
    Spring Sled Skins Sale coming to an end in just 3 weeks!!!!!!!! Hustle your buns and get your wrap for only $349.00 until May 15th Only. Htrintro - Home and on fb at HTRDESIGNS | Facebook. Wrap it and rip it my friends ;)
    thanks! i actually started wheni was 8 , well actually 5 on the back of my dad's old phazer! been addicted ever since!
    it is absolutely perfect! and i got it for $750! and yea stay in touch , i'll need something done eventually lol i love anything with an engine! cars , trucks , bikes , sleds , quads anything! lol
    no no its totally fine i appreciate that! i when i finally get a sled i will deffinately look you up , but right now ive just got a 79 yamaha dirt bike , and its in perfect shape so its gonna stay all original........

    you didn't bother me , i'm always bored and looking for good conversation anyhow lol
    We wrap it ALL!! Sleds, quads, bikes, trailers...the SKY'S THE LIMIT. We've recently switched over to FedEX, so shipping has never been faster or cheaper...check out our website @ Htrintro - Home and on facebook at HTRDESIGNS | Facebook. Have a kick ass weekend Snow and Mud'ers!
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