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  • I know you stayed there ;-) haha. I keep tabs on these things! Glad you loved it.. pretty amazing area over there hey? Im pretty jelous you have riddin like... 10 times more than i have this year lol.
    You bet sounds good. Keep an eye on the mcbride section, because once the clouds lift enough to get a decent pic i will.. Cause there is now snow at all three cabins.. And they are callinfor possible snow intown this weekend.
    Me and the the family are going on friday and then i think it'll just be me goin on sat as the wife is gonna go shoppin. they should have the paperwork at the mcbeide snowmobile club booth. If you are interested in a season trail pass i will be able to do them up at the shop when you come up foryour first ride.
    I do have some. Are you going to be at the sled show? Should be able to get paperwork filled out there or we can do it on your first trip to the hills. Been doin my snow dance yah. And when the clouds lift i'll post some pics because it's been snowin up top. I got a little glimpse yesterday and the snow line was down into the burn up belle so that means there is snow at all all three cabins already.
    Awesome!!! So happy to hear. We're doing a photo contest, so send in pics to!!
    Thanks 420 :) Took a look and I couldnt find much for images for the quads but what they did have looked pretty kool!! I want to do up our wolverine shes an old tank lol but we call her the Toad and I think it would be awesome to get a toad skin made up!! Ur sled looks AWESOME!!!
    Yah I woulda done the same in Regina theres a big gathering as well. But now Im stuck in the boonies!! lol didnt stop me from celebrating again and again and again :)
    Oh My U have the best birthday around and I never said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So a week late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you :)
    Yah it is supposed to be sunny and like 13 degrees or better. Almost sun tannin weather.
    Right on!!! Will be good to see you again. There is still alot of snow in the hills and the weather forcast is callin for sun all weekend...
    Keep in touch then cause there are a bunch of good guys from here comin i think it is talked about by them under march conditionss thread. They are some really nice guys.
    Sounds good. Good luck with your ball hockey team. I am hoping to get out for a ride with a few guys next weekend april 2nd weekend.
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