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  • Hey glen, Karl here. Did you ever find out anything about a Boondocker Pump gas kit? I'm on the fence whether I will turbo the M1000 or M8. By the way, if you know anyone looking for M1K parts, shoot me a line. I have a complete longblock w/ 400 miles on it, bulkhead, diamond drive, etc, etc. (I purchased a complete 2007 162 with 400 miles on it, and decided I don't need all this stuff in my garage). Thanks, Karl
    Hey it was nice seeing you again. Hope you have a great 2012. I lost my camera at Lucille yesterday, if you happen to hear of anyone finding it let me know. Thanks and see you soon.

    No worries, there ain't no fun dust on the ground yet anyways and I was told by my dealer my sled won't be in until the first week of November. Thanks
    Yes I will be at the AB sled show, probably on the Friday night, I have plans Saturday and hockey on Sunday. When are you going?
    Hey Glen!
    Hope you're well and doing lots of snow dances LOL.
    Do you have a membership form for McBride snowmobiling? If yes, can you email me a copy to I would like to get a membership for this season. Thanks, hope to see you soon. Terri
    If you don't mind can you do me up a qote for the Y-pipe/SLP exhaust and the Jaws can. I have been told in the snowmobile chat area that when you put a SLP exhaust on the Polaris Pro you need to buy a tuner box in order for the sled to work right. Is this true? Also when I put the Jaws can on my dragon it came in all seperate pieces and I had to weld it all together, would be nice if it came already fabbed and I could just install it. Thanks for your help and time
    Hi there, I noticed from a thread you replied to on the snowmobile chat reagrding Jaws cans that you are a distributor for Jaws products....I have a 2012 Pro RMK snowchecked and should have it here in the very near future. I am looking to change out my pipe and can as soon as I get it. Does Jaws make full exhaust in pipe and can. I am currenly running a Jaws can on my 2007 Dragon and love it...awesome sound! Thanks for the help
    baggy was tellin me about your banner in the side of your biulding I want to know who did it I need one
    I cant beleive how much snow is still on the hills around here. Two out of three hills your still able to pretty much ride from the parking lot.
    Hey Glenn, we're coming out Friday night. Will come and see you when we're there even if we don't break down!! I can't wait to his the mountains :)
    i am looking at a kmod suspension for a turbo dragon 163. what do you know about them? do you sell them? I am thinking that this might be a good choice for me but am also looking at ez ryde fast and holz
    If I had someone to ride with that weekend I'd be there! Everyone is so busy and for some reason they don't think sledding is a priority like I do :)
    Hey Glen! I was supposed to go last weekend and this weekend but my ball-hockey team is in playoffs. I thought we were going to lose last weekend and we won. I play this Friday at 7 and if we lose i'm on my way by 8:30! If not I don't think I'll be out til April long weekend and I hope there will still be snow. I'll keep you posted. :)
    Hey glen
    i am sno checking a pro 163 this summer and i want to turbo it what turbo would you recommend. just want a low boost 210-225 hp i do ride flat land a bit aswell as mt riding.
    I have herd some good things about your service, so i would get you to do the work.
    Maybe you could give me a ball park figure so i could see what i am looking at for cost. As well, what other thing you would recommend doing to the sled in conjunction with the turbo. I just want a package that works well with minimal tuning as i have been down that road already.
    Five of us from Fort McMurray coming down next Monday, Riding Tues,Wed Thurs. prob stop in for a chat, Thanks for your help...
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