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  • Got the cat all back together and still playing with the Summit. Insurance wrote it off and I am attempting to rebuild it myself or send it down to C3powersports for a carbonfiber chassis.
    Those dates fall right on my 6 on but keep me posted as I do have some holiday time built up !
    Give Chris a call the sooner the better at 250-566-9933, i know this weekend is full and is next 2 weekend are pretty close to full so i think monday to friday you might be alright, Chris has the booking calender, and thanks for giving us a try , i gaurantee u wont stay anywhere else after one trip to the lodge.
    heading down tommorow with just 2 of us wit a gmc with a sled deck and 2 bombi's. 7807131648
    The riding is amazing in Whistler/Pemberton. HUGE areas. I am also doing some riding clinics and Golden and maybe Revy this year. Stoked to be back on sleds again!! www.ridewithchrisbrown.comCheers,Chris
    Hey there. I havnt forgot about you thinga have just been crazy i'm workin on your quote tho. Will have it to you tomorow or the beginning of the wek.. Sorry for the delay.
    weather is getting quite cold. i was in about 6" today at 6000', so its coming, you will be set for Dec 16 !
    Right on ill look into to that weekend and get back to you. do you guys ever ride revy?
    Every Jaws can that i get and sell is always pre-assembled and also ceramic coated. I will do you up a quote beginning of next wee as we are closed for the weekend to get inventory done. And yes you are correct you need a programmer.
    Yes we are a dealer. They dont make any pipes for the '11 or 12 polaris yet. The only one for polaris in the past with jaws was twin pipes. If you are lookin to do an exhaust and can i'd with a slp exhaust/y-pipe and a jaws can. Which we would be able to supply you with all of the above.
    We can usually start riding in the beginning of December.....but the best riding is in the new year. If you ever want to know the conditions you can always call us at 1 877 452 2686 or just ask us on here....:D
    Morning JD....

    I think you have us confused with Glacier House in Revy. We are a Hotel in Blue River BC.....If you need any info on Revy talk to PowderPuff as she is on the sled club for Revy....

    Hope this helps
    Just wondering if anyone can tell me which turbo works best on the polaris, I was told Aerocharder by one dealership and Boondocker by another dealership, getting the feeling they just trying to make a sale. If anyone could give me some info from experience it would be great, thanks.
    Hey fellow sled addicts, I just finished up my snow check order yesterday, I have a 163'' Pro RMK 800 on the way. Any body out there liking their 2011 Pro RMK, how does it handle, do I need to look at uping the HP when I get it or does it rip just fine, how about a turbo, do I need one. Let me know, thanks
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