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  • Hey Curtis, I am heading down to vale this weekend to do some quading, looking for some family friendly quad trails, I will have my 3 year old daughter on with me and my boy will be riding his 90cc quad, so some friendly trails would be nice to hit up.
    hey folks, im away at meetings until monday. please email me at so your questions do not get forgotten
    Hey Curtis, I see cadman22 has already asked you which would be the best place to ride on May 11th weekend, but if you could through me some info as well as to where to ride it would be great , cause I am also heading to Vale on May 10th. Thanks Curtis for your time and help. Cheers
    Hi Curtis, we are planning a trip to vale may 11,12,13 and were wondering where a good place to ride would be. We have rode vale lots but never that late into may before. I know its along time from now but im sure you would be the best person for the info
    Hey Curtis, just wondering whats the latest you can ride in the Valemount area, heading down your way April 10th but would like to even get down sometime in May if I could. Thanks for your help
    Hello,I have three friends planning on making a trip out here (grande prairie) from the east coast and they would like to come sledding with me for a few days. I have never ridden valemount yet but would like to take them there They plan on comming in february and im just wondering if you could recommend a place to stay and where to rent some sleds from. Thanks
    Hey Curtis are you still lookign for Pictures of Valemount Area i was looking through some of mine from last yr..
    Hey Curtis, just curious to how the weather up in the hills have been, a friend of mind told me that he heard that it has been snowing up in the hills down there. We have the cabins booked for December the 16th weekend, can't wait to get that first ride in. As always thanks for the Valemount info.
    Hey there just wondering whats the earliest you get out to ride in the Valemount area, I have only been down there during Feb, and this year I have a new RMK snowcheck coming so I am looking to try it out as soon as I can. The good folks here at the Polaris dealer say I should be able to pick it up sometime in Nov. Thanks for the info and help
    Hi Curtis,
    it was great to meet you last week, hope we can get some riding in for the coming season. I'm still figuring out this site. Have a good one. Tracy
    Here it goes again,think I got it rite this time.We probably went back 50 some k on that trail,all tracks ended at the 3rd fuelling station.Found some great cut blocks,untouched,even got some sunshine.Two days of new terrain an only saw 2 other sleds!!!!!!. I know it's hard for some to give none locals new spots to ride! a huge thanx from our crew,it totally made our weekend,but I'm a dink an will tell no one. Is ther a name for the first area we went into? Got myself in trouble at the back,took a squirt at the shoot at the very back to the left,screwed up (fawked up)got too far left above the rocks an dugger in.It was hero snow conditions,guess Im not!!!!!!!!!!,Hope we can talk again,greatly appreciated thank you!
    Hi Curtis,completed your survey our group say thanx for all the hard work & time u put in for the rest of us!. One of your posts not long ago mentioned u could direct riders to some areas off beaten trails?. Our group is up thurs nite & wandering if u could thro us a bone on some pow. Were all experienced riders,with long tracks,an pack all the gear. Staying at Best W. this trip. Hope to hear from u Thanx. Garth
    Hey Curtis pete gads. How was ride today. Riding Monday but heard Allan is pounded. Any tips of where to go Thanks for help. Pete
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