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  • My buddy and I are all booked in!!! Chris was telling me I can do some good riding right from the lodge! Looking forward to that considering I am not leaving the Mac until 7:00pm and driving straight there and catching a couple hours of sleep then riding the rest of the day!:beer:
    Hey TPower, a buddy and I are looking at booking into your place in Valemount on April 10 or 11th for three nights, what kind of lead time should i book aheads to make sure we have spots there. Thanks:beer:
    Looking for people in Fort Mac to build on the group ''Mcmurray Sled Addicts'', pass it on to anyone else you know in the Mac that is a member on S&M. Thanks
    Yes, the dealer has to do it. It makes the knock sensor less sensitive, plus makes it reset just by shutting the engine off and restarting. Better make sure your buddy doesn't actually have a real bad dose of bad gas....sounds like he might.
    hey was wondering if you can take a better view of the side panells for me. im very intrested they look to be in good shape. thanks
    can you send a pic to me if there in the condition im looking for ill prob grab them off you. what black pieces do you have?
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