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  • hey i got a guy at work who wants to go to blue with you guys!he said he can fill 2 spots..phone me at 780-6438787 and ask for greg in waterworks!
    gonna be riding the trails at the clubhouse by elk island sales with the snow angels.i still got lots of work to doo at the house before i can ride saturday..stop by if yer out..might be able to go for a little while!
    gonna be dooin sunday rides..with all the neighbors that want to come along..sunday morinings meet under the bridge at antler lake,,starting jan 2/11
    im having a hell of a time trying to post pics, why is it asking me for a url, if you give me your email address i ca get them to u quicker, i got a couple builds on the go id like to post pics of also.
    well i`m actually replacing the k+n with a stock airbox. i could throw that in to if you wanted it, but what are you all looking to replace
    i actually put that lexan hood on the 600 which has a light and it works. i`m in the process of putting a light back in the 800, the guy i bought it from took both lights off and changed some other stuff. when i get it together, hopefully this week end, i`ll let you know if it works out, i`m sure it will. i saw your thread about the wrap swap and i`ll tell you that the clutch side plastic doesn`t have the stock airbox on it any more and the top has been trimmed and re-screened to loose weight and increase some airflow. the guy rode it like that for 2 seasons and didn`t have any problems with sucking in snow he said. i`m also willing to pitch in some extra cash if needed....
    hey, i've got a 06 rev with black plastics and a clear lexan hood. i like it, but i love your wrap. let me know what you think.
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