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  • Thanks.. I absolutely love livin in mcbride.. Got to meet alot of really cool people to.
    Thanks Glen,
    Any need to run a Boon docker controller with that pipe? Had one on my crossfire 700 and took it off when I sold it.
    hey glen, just got back to town and got your message. i was alil choked about no sled for the holiday so i hit the beach. thanks for your time! should be ready to go soon and ill be at your door for the break in ride....
    Hello Glen,
    Was bwondering which pipe you would put on an 08 M8 Speedwerx or Slp? Is one better than the other what's your thoughts?
    hey good luck with the store!!! we were good friends of paul and denise. Hopefully we can make the same with you guys.
    2007 switch 600. its all a stock bar a set up as of now, i wanna take all that off and put a flat bar with 8" risers.
    i need a price on the all parts needed for complete bar set up with a 8 inch riser and flat bars for the new sled. polsris IQ
    i sure when casey gets back from his new year vacation we will get back to the regular every weekend trips, and now that you are there its gonna be the main riding spot
    still waiting on boondocker to get there ass in gear and get me that turbo, i should be ready by new years as it looks now
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