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  • We have `09 M8`s and `09 Rmk 800`s, `08 rmk 700`s. And a couple of others if all those ones are out.
    What size riser does it have on it now or any do you know? What is the starting model of sled.. Polaris IQ what year and model?
    Yah i think that casey is headed this direction this weekend.. Should be good if we get some more new snow.. The guys were ridin in like 3ft of fresh last weekend ontop of about a 3-4ft settled base.. I'll be goin out to do some testing on my M1000 tomorrow.. Got to make sure it's runnin all good before i plan a trip into renshaw next week..
    It's a bunch of guys from here gettin together for a ride.. Goin to be a blast.. When you comin this way?
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