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  • oh cool cool, yea i will tell him i talked to you.

    as far as the turbo 800 goes its been a bit of a battle but its comign along... had a few non turbo issues to take care of but this weekend we are going to play around home and do some tuning on it before i head back to the mountains on the 24th... pulls away from an m1000 last weekend but i blew a hole in my pipe so i expect this weekend with a bit more tuning and clutching it will pull away much harder... dad has an m1000 stock so it will be something to judge against.
    dave austin is my dad, i do have some pics if you have an email address i can email you some pics... they aren't great pics... none that show the kit really well but i can send them either way... how do you know dave austin
    it is a 26 ft 2007 I also have a deposit on a 30ft. which was purchased before the dollor went south this a triple axle diamond ice 2008 model email me at mrksokalski@gmail.com or call 7805737045 Backus Racing Recreation Sales Enderby, British Columbia, Canada, Tyler and Trent Backus Racing Team
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