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  • Thanks man, so do you ship to people or will i have to come and buy it from your shop? Also wondering what kinda price this will run me?
    Hey Glen,

    Curious as to whether or not you will be having a filling station for the snow pulse avy bag cylinders. A number of us in our group bought them this year. Really hope to not have to deploy it, but would like to know my options on were to get it filled afterwards if needed.
    Going to be out there 11 Nov. hoping to get a chance to stop in this time, didn't want to bug you guys when you were moving the shop last trip.

    Later ,Dave
    hey Glen, I will be needing to rent a sled for the wife for family day weekend. Let me know availability of what sleds and daily rate. I was impressed with yours when Hagman had it last spring after his motor crapped out. I sold her T-Phazer, going to rent a cat, polaris this winter to see what she likes
    Wayne Barsi aka Nytroman
    Hey Glen, Buddy I work with told me your the guy to talk to about Cats. He had called you the other week and asked about a clutch kit for my '09 M8. Just wondering what you would suggest for ckutching. Thanks
    Sledding was great... lot of sun, spring snow and BIIIIG country!! I'm sad its coming to an end :-(
    just wanted to say hi, been on here a few months and just looking to meet some more riders who wont mind a girl in pink in there group! lol dont be fooled i can ride!!!
    Our Smithers trip was great! Hoping to get one more in before the end of the season... but first Valemount next weekend
    Hey that EBC all figured out and everything is dialed in. Bunch of us are heading out to your neck of the woods next weekend, we'll stop by....thanks for everything man, Anthony
    Hey glen,

    It's Anthony from Fort McMurray here, you might remember from earlier this month when i was at your shop with my 2010 M8- you gave me a quick rundown on how to operate the Boondocker Control Box for my turbo and gave me some useful #'s for fuel settings, thanks by the way. My question today is if you know of anybody with the 09 style boost control knob/pressure transducer set-up that is looking to get rid of it? That EBC set-up that boondocker released is a pos and i want to go with the older style boost controller. I know i could get it from boondocker but thought of you out there and maybe you might know of someone. Or if you've dealt with this new ebc maybe next time im out west you could shed some light on that as well.....thanks Glen, Anthony.
    hey. glen, i understand that you put a set of adjustable weights in catmando. Lyle's m8
    not sure what happened but fax me a copy of the bill 1-780-826-4073 and i will give you a cc number to clear up any charges or expenses...thanks Terry ttpowersports
    Hey coming up tomorrow to ride on Tuesday, hows the snow as of lately? We will stop by when we arrive and ask in person, just getting the itch now..
    hey glen i will be up that way on the 4th have to stop in and say hi there is 7 of us coming on this trip
    hey buddy ihave happen to come accross a very good deal on a 10 xp 800 154
    whats your opinion?
    Me and tim were planning on going out on sunday, he rode his summit for a few days at home and then his primary seized, so we either gotta wait and fix, or take the 700. haha see you soon.
    We got lots and lots of snow now.. The reprts i got is over 4ft at the cabin at beele already..
    hey buddy how are things,looks like swow is falling good up there hows the new shop.chris and i are going to come up for a week end he just bought a 2010 m8 hcr he finally has saw the light lol
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