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  • Hey hows it going can't wait to get to the hills when are you planing to go up, give me a email when you do maybe me and Rob can drive up from Bonnyville when you go.
    Take care,
    Brent Hutch
    Hows it going Turbo Freak, sorry i forgot your name from last January in Horsey..and in the bar at Terracana. How did that M8 stand up the rest of the season any issue's? maybe we can get another ride in this year...cheers!
    Hey hows it going yeah thats me you rode with in Horsey...That was a great day to bad we had to cut it short. How did the rest of the day go, did you find any good snow?

    Cheers Darin
    Hey there. Yah i remeber you for sure. I dont know of anyone with the old style set-up and i havnt spent alot of time on the ebc unit. Have you tried talkin to the guys at boondocker canada? If you dont have any luck with that let me know cause i know a guy that i can call for info that runs these all the time.
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