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  • I heard that if you Send the motor down to Linderman for just some mild porting and add a speedwerx pipe with fuel controller it really wakes the sled up as well and is a lot cheaper than the Big bore!!
    Hope we get one more ride in this year. June with Rene down Sicamouse way for some sun and fun on the hill. Lets get some sled chics out and do a calendar of thongs on sleds.
    Hey! Thanks I appreciate that. Yeah it's a bit of a p!ss off but oh well, part of the sport. Got a new engine, just working at getting it in! Got the rave valves, oil pump, water pump and head on last night and the engine bay cleaned out. Just waiting for some help from my friend Rob. Hopefully tomorrow! :D
    Good riden with you dood, you shred pretty awesome and i like the fact that you actually looked behind you to see if i was still there, would ride with you again any time !
    Hey fish, you guys make it to Quartz the last day? we rode and got seriously stuck in a creek 0 visibility. Hate to end the west adventure for the year on that note, so i may be flying back out in march.
    Just talked to Dennis at Rip Charger he said the 800r XP is working great but they are having problems with bearing supplier. Can't wait to put one on I'm pumped
    Cool maybe me and rob will see you at the teracana I think we are going around the 15th of Jan. We went there for the year end party in the spring what a hoot had a good time.
    Hey Hutch Yeah that is me I think!, We went up into Horsey the last day of the trip? We are also going in January maybe even a few times, not sure where we will be going its going to depend alot on snow conditions....Yeah I hear my Thumb has been twitching for 6 months now!
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