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  • As it turns out I'm not either. We are doing our last ride mid week in Revy Wed Thurs prob. Wasn't looking for bikini's you all looked like a blast of a group so was going to hook a bunch of beer drinkin ridin peeps in one spot cheers. Out Of Control ZigZag
    At home playing until the end of the month. If you want to get a hold of me best to call 780-238-0651 or email spikeydave@me.com as I haven't been on the comp much lately.
    I want to be a member of the DPFN. I love that quote puts everything in prespective. Cheers LOL Send me the form I want to apply.
    LOL.....just saw your sig line buddy - awes Are you filling out your DPFN membership application? cheers
    That sounds like a great idea the only wrong with that is I am leaving back to work on Friday...plucking..always gets in the way!...I should be back around the 15th though so it may still work.
    Yeah baby we were planning on Wed but it my 20th wed anv so thurs morn is when I can go. Cool spot look for Donald bc on google map follow the road that takes off called reverse rd think 60 km drive in to stage and 23 km ride in.
    Here's my number 4039997482 ask for J keep in touch and hopfully we can hook up. Shankster is bringin his 1000 RT turbo so should be a blast. I willtry to hook with you guys for this last one if not next season forsure.
    we're planning to do revy may long, don't think i can squeeze in another trip before then. I got a late start this season, planning on finishing strong....lol. you're welcome to join up with us if you can, always a good time hangin with PB
    Sorry Dave just got back had a graet time great conditions had blue bird all day and phuk my 163 climbed
    Jay, looks like Fish and I are heading to Crowsnest and meeting up with someone. not sure if you are available but we will be heading out early Mon AM and returning Tue PM. let one of us know if you are game. Cheers, Dave.
    Hey Bud, I would love to come sledding but its my Moms 60th brithday this coming weekend so I will be heading to Longview for that....From what I have heard Fernie got pounded with snow!...I wish I could make it sound like it would be epic!
    I like the idea of no lag and it's kinda Mad Max think it would be cool to check out so how about this we go for a ride out Kamloops way possibly hook up with Rob down there and stop in and check them out. Be nice to try one on a cat or doo just be nice to try one.
    So you are going to go with the rip charger you think?...Yeah I am waiting for some more reports to come back on it before I jumped feet first!..Happy New Years...hope to get out for a rip with ya again this year!
    Excellent I will give you a call if I'm around. I have a Penn West job start up on the 6th but once she's up and runnin I might be able to sneak away. We have to plan a Blue River ride again this winter. Earlier and get some big POW thrashing in. Possibly Feb sometime?
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