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  • Terry, I spoke to you today regarding the M1100T Ltd. Would you kindly put together a price (tax in), for the sled and the following items (supplied only):
    Tether kit / orange gas rack / knee pads / vented side panels (if avail) / tunnel bag / skid plate / front bumper (if it doesn't have one) / ECU remap as we talked about / clutch kit as discussed / lightweight muffler / charge tubes / spare belt? I was also curious if you would consider renting (or know where I can ) rent a 1100T for Feb 25-26? Tenatively planning a ride to either McBride or Golden, depending on snow conditions. You mentioned in the post there are a couple scratches on sled, is there any other apparant cosmentic damage? Lastly, when was the in-service date? I likely won't do much to the sled until it is broken in except for can and charge tubes and that would pretty much be the season, unless the snow gods shine down upon us. Thanks again for taking the time on the phone today - it was appreciated.
    Sorry Terry, I must have fat fingers.My email is (gmail). Crazy busy here, having well control issues. Thanks, have a good night.
    look in facebook under quadding in alberta canada..she is sunshinesmiles on snowandmud and started a website(facebook page) and its on there
    have you seen the product called an atv cocoon its a garment that snap to the fenders and has a hole for yer head to stick thru so you can use the engine heat in the winter like so when yer plowing snow..theres an atricle in dirt wheels magazine and a link on facebook.
    ey looking for..hopefully used rack supports for my 07 grizz rear rack..the 2 that go from the rack down to the frame,,both of mine are broke...any ideas?
    Thanks Terry, I decided to wait and order through the USA. I am going with the new Challenger Peaks track that is new this year, but has been tested of the past few years. thanks for your reply, sorry it took me so long to reply.
    Hey Terry (King Quad parts) ...Im looking for the throttle assembly( 4x4 selector button locker etc) from right side handle bar ...throttle cable ...and the digital display ... if its green may want the plastic from the handle bar mounted head light ...already ordered a new display ..but is has errors...let me know how much ..
    Hi there! could you PM me a price for a 154X16X2.5 challenger track? I saw a forum where you were saying to shop around so I wanted to see if you could beat tracks canada. thanks!
    I love my new tires....sure could have used them did I find mud!!!! woo hoo....
    Hey Terry do you sell OEM or aftermarket ball joints for 07 660 rhino, could you PM me with some info, thanks.

    hey terry just wondering about a few prices on the thundercats and what would be a guess on trade in value of a 08 brute 750 in good shape? thanks
    You interested i making me an offer on complete kq before i start parting out. U can call me at 403 704 0775 jason. Thanks
    hey terry was wondering if you could help me out. Can the one way clutch behind the primary on a 05 grizzly 660 be taken apart and cleaned. I ask because my buddy bought one the motor was cooked, so he totally rebuilt in from crank up but when he starts it it wants to go right away and the one way clutch is black, so we are thinking that it is cooked oil on it and it is spinning and engaging right away. so what do ya think can it be cleaned or gotta buy a new one. thanks steven
    Hey Terry ,I am in market for a Rhino 700 , what kind of a price can you do on one with winch ,as well what about the rhino sport with winch. need to find out if it's worth the trip to haul it home from your town to mine.
    Cheers Pete.
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