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  • Hey Boss, I was thinking I'd pull the old sleigh out of the shed here right away and start getting after a few belt issues or try to address them if possible.

    You messaged me me late last winter about how I could maybe help the old sleigh out. It's a 14' m1100 if you didn't recall right away.
    Hi and thanks for your post, def going to do the Burandt revalve on my o8m8. Was wondering how many pounds of pressure do you run in the your rear float shock? and based on what rider weight? I ran 150lbs on my stock set up. Did the better weight transfer help with the steering effort? Mine needs help here too.

    Thanks for any and all help.
    Afternoon Karl...i cant get through on your email for the sled info? it keeps bouncing back, let me know i have - arcticm1k@qmail.com ?
    or you can call thanks

    The snow isn't to bad, there is about 3.5ft up top as of yesterday from what i was told. It is called cold fire creek dog sledding, the number is (250)968-6808. I've been tryin to get ahold of rk tek for price on the dual spring set-up and left a message for him to call me. I've been sellin the single spring ( his new single spring) set-up for 380.00 plus tax. They have been workin well. Also tryin to get ahold of him cause i need a bunch more kits as i've sold out already this year.
    no problem in updating the ecu. i dont think theres a charge for i other than the freight but i would have to check with mark...and im sure we can hook u up with a tuner...i will check with mark and look into it and let u know. ..can you call me on monday as im short staffed tommorrow.... thanks 1-780-826-6121 have a good one
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