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  • hey T, figured I should learn about this place. Wheres a good place to look around.
    Terry, I was wondering if you could help me out? I've an 07 M1000 that I've spent a ton of cash on, and would like to add a Dynojet PCV to (with mapping for my SLP pipe). Buying the controller isn't a problem, but finding a dealer that will map my ECU to the 09 update is. I know that all A/C needs is my ECU, and I have no problem paying for the update, but the dealer who sold me the sled will not do it because the sled has been modified, so I've been using the Boondocker with some sucess. Can you get the ECU reflashed and sell me a PCV? If so, how much $$$ for the ECU flash and the PCV? I really don't want to buy an entire 09 ECU... thanks for your reply.
    its not snowing too hard today or yesterday. but friday and sat early morning we got slammed. by a good winter storm.......snow and high winds 45-65 km = great big drifts....
    just had a quick question, i have an 09, 700 h1, with a poer commander, PCIII, and some clutch work. I was able to pull 6500RPM last year, and am now down to 5800. I have tried with lighter weights, and in low range, same results? do you think my valves are out, not enough fuel? any ideas.

    did u get some 20" wheels yet , got some with maybe 500 km on them off my 08 f350
    Thanks for the info I bot a 2007 apex 660 kliks on it nice shape its looks new If u have any info on the moddifcation u did to your 08 get back to me
    hey terry looks like im starting with the basics on this sled how mutch is it for a new belt and two racing grade spark plugs
    thanks terry for punching the numbers for me im going to take some pics of the sled soon and il post them so you can see what it might need Thanks terry cheers:beer:
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