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  • Hey Jason, just checking in with you to find out what your doing for Whitemud. Are you going and are you camping out there, let me know as we are foresure going and camping, we will be heading out there Friday mid morning. if you are camping we can save you a spot if you would like.
    i think we have one left... give ally a call on tuesday and she can check for you. i m off to elkford sledding for a week........
    Full roll cage, back seat and harnesses
    I have a full roll cage with a 42" bench seat and 2 crow harnesses for a any year Rhino. I had it on my 07 and the kids out grew it! First 1400.00 gets it.
    Call me at 403-872-9751 just the parts book would be fine. Thank you very much!
    sorry its gonna take a bit longer , im having issue's with getting the pic's to upload, Ron is trying to help me now sorry once again :)
    sorry it took so long couldnt find the pic's I had of it so quickly took more today , hope they help, if you want pic of certain area just let me know im putting the pic's in here right away. Again sorry about the wait.
    np I just got your message ill see what I can do ok . Hopefully get them on here for ya tomorrow
    no its not yamaha either , we had a welder put it together for us, it is much stronger an alot cheaper. It attaches under to the frame, not in the box. I can try an put some pic's up for you if you like to show you more.
    Sorry about misunderstanding, when you said canopy I thought you meant the tarp. Not the roll cage sorry about that.
    no its not factory, everything on this unit is seriously modified, we had it made at an apholstry shop. We like it because it is very durable, don't rip easy. It's made outta boat tarp.
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