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    Thanks for the heads up, but the cage has been put on the back burner till next spring. Bought some other "stuff" haha,..
    hey terry thanks for the reply i just wanted a standerd track for a 2005 m5 its a 141' track and it needs a 3'pitch i think im shure you can pull it up on your computer and how mutch will a new pair or stock ski's cost? thanks cody
    hey terry my names cody i was wondering what you charge for a new track for a 2005 m5 141' and a new seat cover and i wanted to know if a 09 m6 seat cover be the same as a 05 m5 seatcover because i think the 09 seats look cooler thanks cody:beer:
    Boss has decided she will wait until next year, wants to concentrate on upgrading the boat first. When the time comes we'll come see you guys, We might stop in saturday, we'll be in B-ville looking at a boat
    Terry, My father is looking for a to deal on a 700 Camo Rhino. What is your out the door price? and what is price without the GST added on. Will call shop in morning.
    Iam heading down to idaho 1st week of aug. I would like to pick up a clutch kit and 2" lift ,+ a hard top and zipper doors. can you help or get some of the aftermarket stuff? seems to be not very many options for my prowler 07 650
    if you don't mind that would help me out alot.Like i said i'd like to add 2-3000 and 4 would be pushing it
    so what your saying is if i sell mine $6500 i add $2000 to get an 07 m8 141 then add another $2000 to strech it out to a would be me adding $4000

    just curious because if adding $4000 to strech an 07 how much more for the 09 m8 sno pro

    and if i want the 09 m8 sno pro...... how much do i add on?
    Option #1 selling at $6000
    Option #2 trade in value
    when you think i should i should bring it that way to sell?...I really want a 153 with reverse....If you gave me a good trade in value i might just take that 09 m8 sno pro.
    i think i gotter thanks though.....thought it was worse than it was, a bolt that hold the motor to the body rattled loose and was making some ominous noises.....
    Hi you posted a response that I posted for stock arctic cat rims. I am in need for a set of front and rear for my 2006 700SE. How much and where can I purchase them?
    hey pipes whats up, ready for the trip to mc bride easter weekend?
    ya its still up, and will be at easter with the 3 new 2010 cats were bringing, ya baby
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