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  • hey glen. just wondering what the conditions are like. planning on coming up from edson tomorrow and would like an update. thanks
    Hey Glen. I was just wondering if you had an ETA on when the SLP Powder Pros I ordered may be in? Thanks, Karl
    Things are goin great.. We have lots of new klim gear in stock now. The hills are lookin a little bit white and we have more precip forcast for the next couple of weeks. Hopin things are good to go by the middle of nov.
    Hahahaha.. No worries i dont mind helpin out with info for yah.. To funny..LOL.. Lookin forward to havin a beer with you guys some time soon.
    Ya buddy thanks for all the info and help on the new sled build. Also congrats on the marraige. Hey I still have the saw that I used to cut of the ball and chain if you need it. Now her leash on me is alot longer and I get more sledding in. LOL
    congrats on the marriage hope the best for you and your wife looking forward yo seeing you guys this winter
    hey glen i'm just going over my sled and was wondering if you can give me a starting piont for clutching on my m7,has yellow primart spring,orange m8 secondary with a shift assist and 10.4 secondary and 67.5 weights seems ok but not keeping my track speed up enough on long pulls,would you suggest cutler adjutables? and do they come in light tip or heavy? thanks for you time
    Hey Glen,
    Gonna be out there for the 29th, looking to ride, not sure where, on saturday, was curious if we could pry you out of the shop for the day to join us?
    Later, Dave.
    Hey Glen a big thanks for the use of the the tools to fix my tripple at easter! Even though it blew up on Sat in Lucile.
    I was told the purple spring doesn't engage as harse when coming out of reverse. I will double check may have black spring. Is this set up susposed to run at 8500 rpm
    Hi Glen it's Ken from the Widowmakers(name to be changed). Thanks for all your support in the last few weeks. I've got a question for you about my 04 800 Rev. When I was pulling the hill on that terrible day, I could noy get my sled to get over 8000 rpm, adjusted clickers to #5 and still made no difference from #3. I've done alot to these sled. Heres alist of mods done
    RK Tek head and pistons 13-1
    V-force reeds
    Boysen Power rings
    TPI Air Box valves
    400 mains
    RK Tek MPEM Update
    Stock Pipe Ceramic Coated
    APP Silencer
    Dalton Weight Kit in stock primary with Black/white 414-9783-00 spring
    Upgraded Ski-doo Roller Secondary Purple spring
    Dalton 46-38 Helix
    19-47 Gears
    159 Track
    Nextek Float conversion
    Racer's Edge Rear Arms
    Hope that you can give me some pointers. I thick I may have to change helix but not sure to what(still trying to get this clutching straight in my head) I do more boondocking then climbing. With the RK Tek set up shouldn't I be able to go up to about 8500 rpm?
    Hope someday soon be able to meet you face to face. You sure give alot of guys on S&M adive and I'm sure they really apprecate your help.
    The group wants to change their name,was thinking of Eigerbombers, as it is your groups favorite shooter( maybe to many some nights lol )
    this weekend... my shift got switched around at work so i used to work wednesday to wednesday and i had every other weekend off to go sledding... now i got moved into the office and work 5 days a week and this is my first ride out with this type of shift... so we will see how many more rides i get in this year... hope to get atleast another 4 rides in this year.... but yes... this weekend i will be in mcbride! where is the best/only bar in town? i haven't stayed in mcbride ever ... always vale... gonna have to check out the local bar lol.
    We rent sleds, beacons, shovels, probes, back packs.. Some weekends are crazy busy for them so i recommend to book in advance if you can..
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