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  • hi bud lets see if we can quad at andrews on sunday with all this rain it should be fun
    I think that it should actually run at about 8400 i think.. But i'll double check for yah..
    What i'd do is put a blue/blue primary spring in it and a 44/36 helix.. This will work very well for you.. I'd also pull your clutches apart and make sure that they are all good and clean and that everything moves freely.. Alsos use a black marker and put a line up the face of your primary clutch so that you can see how far your primary is shifting out.. I jusy noticed also not sure why you changed out the secondary spring, the stock ones work well..
    how was the drive home bro,did you read the letter sad day,alot of good responce to it
    Getting tools and stuff ready for Revy. Going to be a long week at work. Can't wait to try out all new stuff. How about you, ready to go?
    Heather sitting here seen the shirts. Says Hi and making smart ass remarks about sleddin again. Have to tie her up and put to bed
    Do you want me to e-mail you the shirts
    that what we have done and then cropped the pics
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