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  • Id take C brown's forecast with a grain of salt. He is running a business after all. Lots of precip in the forecast this week for sure. However, it is a total reset since it was 10degree up at 1500m yesterday so we need crap load to be good again.
    Not likely this year. Will start to be selective on my sled ride. Want to get back on the bike since i have already clocked in 2200km this season.

    When are you planning to come down here? Awesome day at the coast today. Sunny and went up to brandywine today. First time to the alpine in over a month and a half. Hero snow so ot boring fast but good thing some peeps brought their snowboard.
    Got some fresh over the weekend. About 40-60cm on crust. Higher up should be bottomless if we can get a decent vis.
    I cant see his vid on my phone and cant play urs either, only lielys. Back monday night but gotta sign mortgage papers tues and pick up my sled
    Fak me buddy,,, where u guys goin? Ian said they almost have my sled fully together. Be rtr next wed thur and fri at least
    If ur bored the next couple weeks i know a guy that needs a few things swapped out on his cat, needs to get it ready fer winter but hes out of town workin???
    I said fuk it and ordered the 2.5,,,figured for stock id probably lose too much track speed then theres the cutting, weight blah blah blah. Anyway 2.5" it is fer this guy
    When ya ridin? I should be able ta root on er saturday. Few guys from work are campin up at duffy lake, dunno how good they r but we ll prob punish em.
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