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  • ya me too i just have been going through so much the last month really...and ya well i needed to just take a break from some issues on the site...ya know? BTW its not you:)
    well i used to welcome all the new people each day they joined but the site has changed and i cant do it anymore... so im onto doing birthdays for everyone...we all like to be remembered and its just who i am i like to be kind!
    Sure.... if I can swing the right time. Give me a bit of notice of when your here.... hopefully it is before work. :)
    Hey.... how ya been keeping?? Been out riding much? You guys must have piles of snow... and more coming! I've only been out a few times... had to go lay in the sun in the caribbean for a couple of weeks.... couldn't resist..... but the snow is really piling up now.
    No I haven't rode yet, not enough base yet for me. There's been people riding for at least 3 weeks here though. Lots of front end parts, tracks and hifax needing replacement I'll bet.
    that's right... gotta love that kitty!! How ya been keeping?? Any snow out your way yet?? We're hoping to go for a ride this weekend.
    I can't figure ch!t out on here can't replie to anything hope you get this mess stayying out of trouble or what
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