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  • Yes the pump is running all the time. You can run it with the thermostat out. The quad will usually run below normal operating temperature. The only side effect is it will burn more fuel and has the potential to foul spark plugs. You may also get a bog.
    Ya, that fan should stay on all the time. Sounds like you might have a broken wire somewhere. You could unplug the fan and then unplug the sensor. Take a test like and make sure you have constant 12v at the fan plug.
    Don't know what to tell ya. Seems like you have covered it all. Is the fan coming on when it gets hot? with the bike running unplug the sensor and the fan should come on. As long as the thermostat isn't stuck close then it should be good. I would pull the cover off the pump and just make sure the impeller is in good shape. Also make sure that the system is good and bled. Any air in the system can screw it up.
    they changed the rules no nitrous in the mod classes anymore , they must tired of my little 583 spanking them in the 900 mod class LOL
    I will be Racing in Burns Lake this weekend maybe squeeze a coffee in thursday/ friday /monday morning in Smithers
    The snow was off to a good start then rained real hard , here in Dease might have a foot on the ground all the snow is just south of us :( coffee next week I if I'm around
    haha you are welcome! But really thank Trollcat cause he was the one nice enough to share the gift certificate I got him! :) Hope your summer is going great! :D :beer:
    I click on the broken page beside the refresh button cleaned this website right up hope you enjoyed the coffee
    Hey!! and thanks :) I love the one with ur puppies lol too cute. Our dog comes with us too it's so nice to include our pets on outtings :)
    yes:( we cant have pets here!:( i miss him alot.

    we moved cuz the cold in ontario , my dad has nerve damage:( i wanna move out eventually and go to castlegar , i hear its cheap and nice with snow there!!!???
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