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  • its ok , i hate living in the city , nice place and everything but i miss our country life style! shoot the guns whenever , dogs running every direction , i miss that , now ya spit on the sidwalk and the cops show up!
    trying?i've ben in kelowna hospital for 2 months now should be out in three weeks,i see you've been out a couple of time are you schooling those polaris buddies or are you being nice to them LOL i will keep you in the loop on whats going on as i hear,stay intouch ,if i can help in any way give me a shout.Brian
    hey trish ,this is Brian from the old highmark just wanted to say hi,good to see your still on doo.
    Hey hows it goin? Whats the snow report at the mic these days? Did you go up over the weekend.
    How much snow do you figure the microwave has in total? I just did a bunch of work to
    Clayton's sled(summit clay) so he was saying that he was maybe gonna try out the mic tomorrow before he went to work.
    hey im from fort st john just wondering if we were to make atrip down there ,is there enough snow right now and would it be possible to have somone show my crew around.any info would be awsome. You can pm me on here.

    thanks Darren
    Hey did you get up riding over the weekend? I seen those pics you posted. I looks like the snow might have been a little hard though eh. Keep me posted I am so pumped to get out diggin. Thanks.
    Hey Trish, hopefully the beacon made it in one peice, ya never know with Canada Post. Awesome pics of your first ride, I'm jealous...big time. I have been trying to accept you as a friend, but there's something fugged with the system. I'll keep trying. Have a great one!
    Daryl is going to try working in smithers for a while. I actually just talked to him last night. We had a guy that was going to try firing up a dealer in town but it is pretty tough to get the credit line. It's too bad because he would have been a great guy to have running a doo dealer. I am getting into doing some work on sleds myself, however I am pretty limited as I don't have a computer.
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    Too funny.....As I am checking you out. LMAO
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