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  • Just thought I would let ya know what came of the over heating problem.... it turned out to be the rad cap!!! Of all things!!! Apparently it wasn't pressurizing the system so it would start to boil about the same time the fan kicked on.... who would have thought!!!
    Hey.... just curious.... can I run it with the thermostat out?? Wouldn't that keep the water circulating thru the rad?? Would it do any harm in do that?? QT said that the pump would keep running, but doesn't it run steady anyway??
    the fan does seem to be coming on when ever it gets hot, but I've tried unplugging the sensor and it is erratic... I think the fan should stay running as long as the sensor is unplugged but it doesn't .... doesn't make sense to me. And air in the system is a real possibility... it boils over so regularly that it is hard to know if it is bled properly... I run it when I fill it... then squeeze the hose below the rad... which seems to bring up bubbles... but who knows if that gets rid of all the air... anyones guess.... I think maybe I should open up the pump and check that out... so far that is the only thing I haven't touched yet... it looks like a bigger job... oh well... gotta do it sometime... thanks for your help.
    hey.... wondering if you can give me some advice.... my '06 sportsman is having overheating issues.... and since i'm not getting much help where I live I was hoping you might have some insight as to what might be causing this problem. I tore all the plastic off the front end so it was down to the frame and rad to give that a good cleaning, then I put in a new fan with sensor, and I put in a new battery. This spring I pulled out the thermostat and tested that, it seems to be working fine, then I tested the pump... just left the line open and turn on the pump and it puked out all kinds of water.... yes... I am using water now as it boils over continually so there is no point in putting in anti freeze. Once it gets hot is just doesn't seem to cool off again... I have to drag it home!! Very frustrating!! I am going to get the rad cap checked for proper pressure tomorrow...... have you ever heard of anyone else having this problem?? Got any ideas??
    I think you have the Skinz rear bumper....wondering how it looks like close up? any snaps?
    turns out i cant get rid of it till a loan i have is paid off in 2 and half years haha oh damn,, now what do i do, i still have engine warranty till dec 2012.... what would u do, and also how many 2010 800s did u guys have come back, and what were the problems
    its that season again!! jw what your opinion is on the best motor polaris made and where i should go from my 2010 rmk, you guys wouldnt take it in on a trade would u?
    Hey.... how ya doing?? I was wondering if you still have some parts left from the '06 sportsman that you were parting out last year?? I'm looking for a bearing/cv joint for mine and I have another one .... an '04.5 that also needs rear bearing and possible a cv joint, but I can't cross match parts right now. Do you still have the boots also.... the 'o4 needs a complete set..... I'll be back on monday night to check in.
    alright thanks and also when ur greasing ur jackshaft, do u slip the needle under the rubber seal, or through it or is ther ea hole somewhere
    hey i have a question, i live in regina sask, and the dealer down here is warning me not to run any kind of intake like slp or anything on the 2010 rmk 800 i have bcuz its not worth the new engine, any truth to this or is he full of it
    Wondering if you have installed an autotune on a 850? Just wondering where a good place to weld on the bung for the sensor. Thanks, Trevor.
    can i ask what commander map u are running and if u will maybe email it too me? i have two maps i have been comparing and wouldnt mind another map that someone has had success with, i live in regina saskatchewan and mostly ride around here and i bit up north, my sled is stock except a mbrp can, my emails is robins_77@hotmail.com
    hey was wondering if you could tell me how to calibrate my pc5 ive been running it for about 600 miles now but never actually calibrated it
    Seen you were selling rims and tires wondering what you could do on a set of outlaws 29.5 and ITP beadlocks for a RZR? If you can email me at cmszymesko@sasktel.net
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