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  • Hey you!! How you been doing?? I haven't gone up yet... not near enough snow for me... to much danger of wrecking something! Pierre and Clyde have been up there but the report is that there is barely over a foot up at the cabin... :(
    we did go up... the snow was fantastic.... the weather sucked, it was snowing again when we let today... getting more snow!!yahoo!!
    The year has gone buy quick but maybe not quick enough. Have stayed fairly busy throughout the course of the year and still working for weatherford. How's things going for you, you manage to stay busy this year?
    Hey man things are going good. Working at the moment but haven't worked as much as I would have liked to so far. Been out to Mcbride a couple times already this winter and once this well is finished hope to get out there again for a couple days of riding.
    Hey Tom, I finally picked up my sled. Looks like it's just in time too. A lot of white stuff in them there hills already.
    been working for just about a month. Ol lady is made cause going to miss the aniversery but hey there will be others. Looks like its going to be a fairly slow drilling season this year again so i should have plenty of time for ridding. are you going to mountain mania? anyways we should hook up for a trip some time before the snow goes ahaha not even here yet. we have snow in smither down to 700m mark.
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