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  • Just wondering if you found any aftermarket dealers in the area. I am looking for a defrost kit, but need it right away and can't wait to get it shipped from US
    Hey Crazy, you want to sell that Generator? might be intersted if you are. Seems to big for the pay it forward.
    Doing very well Marty. Moved into a new place with the kids. It's closer to the lake so life is very good.
    Hi there, just came across your msg about your Nuance speakers, I am having the same problem... I bought them at International Stereo in Edmonton about 10 yrs. ago and fell for their 'Lifetime Warranty' pitch. Did you have any success getting them repaired?
    is saturday at 10 am at the husky ok with you no computer fri sat sun you can get back to me today or phone me if you have changed your plans
    Hey man..... whats up, were planning another sled trip to revy/sicamous in february,,,,,u in? what else is new? u still drivin that scrap ski-doo haha
    Hello. Things are hectic but great. Yes we are already booked for the outwest trip this year and are looking forward to it. We are bringing friends with a new rhino with seats for the kids, so it's going to be a whole family ride this time.
    Hey there,

    Just wondering if you tried to contact Gerald regarding Nuance? I have a busted amp (N200)and was actually dealing with George while he was in Edmonton before his death, but was unaware he passed away until reading this post and then finding his obituary. Just wondering if you had any luck?
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