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  • its a single D&D pipe, with a boondocker controller. I am selliing it because im not really into tuning and was told that once you have it set your good to go. not really the case, i think there are 5 settings on there for a reason,, warm, cold low elevation, high elevation.
    Is it near red deer????? My brother commutes back and forth to work up here. I could get him to pick it up. I just thought about that. I can give him the cash. How old are the pipes? Is it a full exhaust with y pipe?
    its 500k, when do you think it might work for you? I could put it on puralator, just need to figure out how to pay.
    Hey I am interested in that set up for sure! Y pipe, pipe and cAn? How far away fro
    Fort Mac are you tho? Not sure if I can make the drive down for a while yet..
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