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  • Hey Steve it was nice meeting you, the wife and the rest of your crew. Hopefully we can get the chance to get out quadding before the snow flies.
    Ok Steve not figuring out the video for on here just yet an I tried emailing them to ya Not workin either lol so if your not in a hurry give me a bit more time got alot goin on right now lol talk to ya later . An just so everyone knows I did not video you showering the mud off lmao.
    Hey Steve & Michelle - It is too bad that we didn't get Michelle to drive our Rhino. I think she would really enjoy driving the Rhino. Bailey was disappointed we didn't show Michelle her helmut on Sunday when we stopped at your campsite. I told her we can show Michelle the next time we see you guys.
    hey how are ya doing? Just letting ya know I put a few shots on my page from that weekend including you guy's lol ........would love to see the video's on here so let me know when ya have that done lol. Im not sure how the video gadget on here works so hope you do I think that was the hightlight of the day, you guy's were a blast to hang with take care talk to ya soon.
    Hey Steve I just got pic's an video's put on computer I will get them to you after supper..................was wondering if you wanted me to post them on snow an mud an if you wanted video on here also..........or would you like to do that all yourself because either way they must get on here lmao. Let me know I will check back later.
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