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  • haha thanks! that's awesome, we're all about getting muddy!! I don't like getting cold either but the pay off sledding is totally worth it! :)
    Hey! Thanks for the message! I've been an EMT for about 6 years. What do you do now? You should have continued on with it! It's an awesome career, I love it! Where do you live? Sled? Quad? Both?
    Hey... checked out your albums.... great pics!!... especially loved the sunset ones, beautiful shots!!
    Thanks! It was a blast because I went to celebrate it at the AB Legislature grounds with all the 420 lovers!
    Yup Kitty! it was a great day. The kids had tutoring, I taught music.. now it's wine time!! yippeeeee!!!
    Heya Mudkitty! Thanks for checkin out some of my pics! I like quadding too but just haven't had the opportunity to get into it. I'd like to get a dirt bike though. I need to find some fun motor sport for the summer! :)
    T^hat and try to get intoutch with a few of the guys I ran with back then if I can.I believe the fellows name that had Indian Cabins back then Was Rob. I do know he had a couple of daughters as they used to help in the restaraunt back then.
    What ever you can do to help isw greatly appreciated Thanks
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