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  • ummmmm I kinda stripped it down and sent the motor in for a rebuild. and got a new tunnel and track
    Im up in High Level and sometimes I think I should have carried on as well but I'm happy where I am. Assistant petroleum Manager at the bulk plant here in HL. I quad quad quad :) just bought my first sled it's just a wee 440z for rippin around the farm. But I'm not much on freezing my azz off sooo I'm thinking my step kids will get more use out of it then I will! If u ever find ur way up north with ur quads look me up I'll show ya some sweet areas to go get stuck in ...or trail riding if ur not into getting muddy :)
    Just checked out ur pics!! Pretty lady :) Love the Santa in the GREEN!! Im a sask girl..
    How long have you been an EMT?? I took my training a while back and passed all the ACP exams then decided that I didnt want my job to be that important.... GOOD FOR YOU!! It takes allot of guts to do that job!!!! CHEERS and welcome :)
    no working sled at the moment :( but we got a wicked azz ramp in the backyard for snowboarding and other fun crazy chit!! we'll get a winter bonfire going and invite you out! :D
    Welcome! and mike it right about me lol... try to keep up! enjoy the site! We live close...does your BF ride? Pm me some time and maybe we can meet up!
    Really!!!!! wow thats old for a lil dude! RRRRRRRRRamone! lol beauty have fun rackin up the posts ;) ttyl
    no worries i will! your still new. you'll get to know me! i suppose he has a name like oscar or somethin goffy like that too! lol
    right on! i was just teasin ya... I bug pinky allllllll the time about her being the welcoming commity! hahaha
    ps thats a cute puppy!
    you better be careful! pinkalicious is the official welcoming commity at S&M and your doing a whole lot of welcoming! lol
    Hey April, yes I got a quad 02 Sportsman, always in need of work!! Gotta change a rear boot right now, just ripped it this week, got no rear brakes, just tried changing them and broke the bolt ear off the housing for the caliper and i'm not spending money on a new housing..need a new battery which means my headlights dim at a fast rate at night!! lol and theres other issues like important ones....winch and 4x4!!

    Also got a Polaris Scrambler but that needs a new tranny!! Just pulled it apart on Saturday night and it's done. Damn Polaris!!

    Got an old sled as a gift, haven't touched it yet. How bout yourself? you mentioned you quadded and sledded?? Sweet!!

    Do you like beer too? lol
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