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  • man I keep looking for your transfer but that it hasn't gone through yet you cheap ass.

    and after talking to another buddy who was in the same general area you should have just came here to ride. way better snow. LOOSER!!!!
    I agree on the worst snow year. Its brutal up here as well. 200miles of riding but I'm not done yet. I had 800+ last year by this time. I've had my usual winter of hockey grain hauling and more hockey and some sledding filled up by some more hockey. lol
    All is well Kyle. As the weather warms up I spend a lot of time outside and when I do get a chance to post it up I'm tired and fall asleep reading lol.

    I hope all is well with you and you have a great summer.
    looks like you've been having a balst on the ride. I went for the first ride friday. loving everything i did to my sled especially the new track.

    also was there any carnage this trip? lol I had a windshield claimed, when my friend decided to eject off my sled. it was hilarious.
    thats crap on no shouse. do they even let you have garage's in the same structure as the living quarters? lol

    and I don't know how much your electric rates are, but with ours, we heat it with electricity cheapest easiest for us. and the only part that really hurts is when you turn it on for the winter and have to get the concrete up to temp. cause once the floor is up to temp, the water temp difference from going out to coming back in is only 10 to 15 degrees.
    shouse..........you gotta make it happen. lol

    did you guys decide to go floor heat?
    you and you're homo fantasies.... but you missed poker run on the river last weekend......but wait you don't like boobies I forgot. lol
    contrair fair maiden you were the one, You were the one who proudly posted that you had hit one. I on the other hand like kitty's. hahahaha
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