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  • Hi Norm!!! We have Next year, and know that our door is always open for you and Val!!
    Doesn't look good for getting in the water anymore for this year....and if i do, it will be in a wet suit for sure. Too bad it was such a short summer.
    just wanted to say hi, been on here a few months and just looking to meet some more riders who wont mind a girl in pink in there group!
    Great to see you again!! Next time you gotta come to the dance and party in the suite on friday
    Hi norm hows it going? should see you soon I road on sunday at allen it was sweet snow was good.
    Hey norm....sorry I haven't been in touch. Been a hectic few weeks and will be for the next 2....between BC, Vegas, School, Jasper, Scouts, and work.....I haven't touched my quad in 3 weeks....this weekend I'm in Jasper, then next friday have to take my kids to Calgay....then I get a month kidless (brett will be around but she's self sufficient) we'll have to get together for drinks and BBQ before the camp-out...I'll give you a call when I find a spare moment...Cheers
    When we gonna go Druddin (drunk-mudding) should only have to explain that to you once...PM me let me know...Think I'm gonna run tonight and then again tomorrow...Figure I've had too many beer for yardwork so it's soon time to ride...
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