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  • Who is the moderator for the polaris section? I have uploaded a bunch of pics for my current build and the second post won't show the pics on the post you have to manually click each one, can somone get this fixed? Thanks
    Hi Ric,

    Can I get a quote for tires... I'm currently running Michelin LTX A/T LT265/70R17 and have been very pleased. Do you carry Michelin or recommed something else??

    Thank you,
    Darren (780) 915-2237
    Ric, i think i need a few ujoints on my 2003 Dodge 3500 single wheel longbox. Could you give me a ballpark figure to replace both on front drive shaft and 3 ?? on rear shaft? Is it a steady bearing or bushing in the middle of rear shaft?
    Thanks Brian 203-0087
    Hi Summitric,
    I am having trouble removing my Thor Wanderer toyhauler ad after I sold it..... would you be able to either delete it for me or give me direction on how to do that.
    mornin! hey under the hood of my 99 cavalier 2.4l is a small hose that comes out from the master cyl and goes past my throttle body with a small green cap on it that says 1psi..what the heck is the hose for and where does it go?..i got the engine in and im hooking up wires and hoses but dont know where that little sucker goes
    Hey man, how come the link to doesn't work?? I wanted to see if "The crash" vid of my daughter was stiill around
    Morning Ric. I have a pdf of the Clearwater article. Just need a email address to send it to.You actually want to post it or hide it not sure..
    Thanks Ray
    what kinda price can you get me on airbags for my 1 ton dodge dually 4x4..its a 2001 and i am looking for ones you can fill on the fly..under 3 hundered bucks!!
    ahahaha there was one kicking around about 6 months ago. Ask malibumama where it went
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