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  • Hey Chris,

    What supplier close to red deer will supply us with the strutural stainelss rivits your where talking about in the driveshaft thread?

    dont want your sercrets, i just have an air riviter and figure i may as well add some insurance as i would bet my life if i dont she's comming appart.
    Those are some pretty sweet machines! Are those just headlight decals on the blue sled? Where can i get a set of black ones like that? I can find every other color but black.
    I was wondering if you could help me with a decision? I own (2) 2010 Assults, mine has the PCV and SLP stage 1 kit. Never been to the shop (touch wood) with about 1200 miles on it. put this stuff on last year after warranty. My wifes had the top end done on warranty at 500 mi and now has about 800. This one is off warranty in about 2 weeks and I was thinking about installing "the fix" as she is more the midrange rider where I seem more on/off the throttle. Question is where do I get one? Should I get one? Should I run a PCV with it? I always run good premium about 4:1 with C12 for fuel as I feel it is good insurance. As everyone says you are the guy to talk to, hope its not too much trouble. Thank you for your time.
    hey chrisco this is dan i was reading one of your older post and seen that you said to put heads on a 2012 pro for more power
    do you have to do anything to the fuel system or can you just put them on and run it anywhere
    I got a lead on a track for $350 but want to get some rails also (track is no good without the rails)
    I am trying to convert a 155" to a 163".. Thanks.
    Hi Chris, I saw a few months back that you had a take off track and a set of 163" rails for sale from a Pro RMK. I am just wondering if you might still have them available ? THANKS
    Hey Chris seems like you are one of the more knowledgeable guys on here with regards to the polaris, and your shop is only down the road, i have an 09 assault and in interested in this" fix" ive been reading about and also in possible turbo options. i was thinking of heading out to your shop and maybe seeing what kinda options you may recommend, what are you shop hours and would a visit be an issue, cheers, thanks
    Hi ya:)!!! Few more weeks then sic bound! Do your snow dance they hAve not had much fresh and not much to come for the next's waiting for us to get there;)
    Just wondering how the old Treedragon is coming along and do you need the brackets for the tunnel. Also i believe i need the strap for the exhaust pipe can you please order this for me. The snow looks sick in Valemount are you planning a trip soon or did you go this weekend?
    Hey there I am off all this week I could come into work/learn lol let me know if it would work for you :)
    hey bud here is what i am working with the divas booth if you need some help i can or just so you can have a break...i had told you about vista print...anyway i had to place an order and i got some things for you business card magnets and postcards with your info on it if you want to give them out at the show i can bring it if not i will give them out to peeps...cant wait to see your new sled!
    -Friday will be play it by ear, but if you want to come around 5:30/6 and stay until it slows down.
    -Saturday 12-6ish (or whenever it slows down)
    -Sunday 12-3(or whenever it slows down)
    Hey chris i've looked everywhere for SPI pistons for the wifes 700 and i can't seem to find any. Just wondering if you had a hook up. A guy i work with gave me a part number to reference #2203512 and he said to get the ones for the 99 rmk as long as their 81mm and moly coated. his buddy did his and has no issue's. Also is it possible that the re-flash that polaris did changed the timing and is causing the motor to make a lot of noise at idle and fall on it's face at full throttle?
    Hey Chris, it;s Darren again Charlene's brother inlaw. Thanks for the help with the a-arms you replaced I appreciated your help. I have another problem now, was out on Sunday and blew my track in half. Travis told me that he had changed the track from a 15" wide to a 16" wide. I need to get this fixed asap, can you give me a call at 780-915-2237
    Have you been to chappel? That's where I'm going tommorow because today the snow was 4 feet deep
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