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  • Maxwell, any chance to get a pic or 2 of the engine ? Looking for a smaller cc sled for my boy, Thanks.
    going to clean it up this weekend and get some better pics will let you know
    Did anything come up for a good reliable power performace mod for a etec?? thanks for the info
    Hey was told to talk to you about my sled. I have a 00 skidoo 700 zx it's fully modified was looking at puting a nitrous kit on this year maybe A 50 shot or so was just wondering if you know the good/ bad of putting one on and what the potential problems could be ?
    Did you make it to Vale for your June ride? Whats the earliest you usually get out to Vale for the first ride of the season? Thanks Cheers:beer:
    It seems that you are a good guy to have on the old friends list, especially for someone like me who usually only goes to Valemount to ride!!
    so whats the track # for this 154x16x2.5 in a 3.0 pitch,,,curtis from tracks canada said they discontinued this track 2 yrs ago
    I installed those air frame running boards on my xp. You were right they're the best mod money can buy. :beer:
    maxwell whats the better 2.5.extreme or peak,,,im thinkin extreme ??? clean out ur pm box u hoarder!!!
    ever hear the joke "how do you keep an a-hole in suspense?"

    oh, I guess you have...
    Hey dude. Just a quick question. Figured you would be the best to ask. I have a new 162 power claw off the new proclimbs for sale. A guy wants to buy it if it will fit on his 06 summit 162. He said his pitch was 2.52 but that's all I know. Selling the track for dirt cheap so, looking to get some space in my garage back! Thanks for any info you haveKyle.
    take care maxwell, your a good man, lot of unhappy campers in the cat fourms
    Hope to see you back soon buddy, I got to really enjoy your insight and opinions

    Take care man

    Dissapointed to hear about your bad luck man..... Dont worry I went thru the same sh*t with a different Forum site.....Your not alone..... Take care...
    Hey Maxwell.I have a 2010 summit 800 154. From what I hear you also run a dj clutch kit. What I was wondering was how many grams of pin weight and what ramps. The reason I ask is that if I follow joes instructions on what to run I can not hold 8200 rpm. I have changed all the bushing in the clutch buttons and o-rings. Also change the cup that hold the spring in. Any help you maybe able to give would be more than appreciated. Thank Stan
    Was going to ship it on the bus but screwed my are today and have to go to edmonton for ultrasound soon so will see are you going up this weekend.
    Hey Sean! Clean your PM box so I can send you a message and tell you that your roof panels are in!!! LOL
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