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  • thanks for the link! ill have to do that next fight. this last fight i was watching it in split screen PIP with the canucks game
    get SLP to do the work a buddy of mine has an old 800 goes like stink and is bullet proof even pours the NOS at it when drag racing
    I got frustrated with not knowing if my replies made it to you or not. Not your fault. So I got my steering post from Fabcraft. Really good people. Here's the info:

    Phone: 406-777-1200
    Fax: 406-777-2784
    E-mail: fabcraft@fabcraft.com
    417 Wolfville Shop E
    Florence, MT 59833
    Damn I liked her attitude.Was going to try and pick her up when I was out there in the summer.That's okay though as long as you don't mind riding bitch I'll make up a sign saying this was all I could find LOL
    no prob dude, it worked okay? I never tried but a friend sent it to me and said it was good. I went to a buddy's and watched.
    Yes I'm working all week so far it might get a bit quieter towards the end of the week as long as they don't start on the next plane
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