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  • yeh a friend of my told me after that u had a skid for sale but i had already bought mine the track i went with is a 2.5 challenger extreme with the same pitch as stock hope i does'nt rub any ideas on gearing
    I've got the engine assembled again Max, but I did put the bolt in question in an easy spot to get at. I'll take one off your hands if you will part with one though.

    Let me know
    Maxwell...I have a really good friend by the name of Peter Pawluk and he's on an acerage just a little ways out of Peace River. Pete's home everynight as he is a mechanice. His wife in generally home all day...I can check with him if you'd like me to for you? How long do you need the yard storage for?
    Maxwell I have seen a lot of your posts.. Seems like you know what your tAlking about.... I have this little problem... It burns when i pee..... Any ideas or guidance?
    hey maxwell a few peps told me to ask u this question. i have a 08 gade and would like to put a 146 skid and track in is there any thing u know of that i would have to change thanxs for your help
    I have seen a lot of your posts and helpful tech talk. I have a bit of a problem and need a little direction. I have posted a mint 07 summit x with the original 800r. Most people are shying away even at $5995. Due to the shape and some extras, I am thinking that the only way I am going to sell it, is to go even lower or buy a crate motor and install it myself. What do you think???????
    maxwell i have 09 summit x when i start it it shows 2 bars right away on temp gauge icant remember if this is correct,reason im trying to find out is i had reflash done so want to make sure this is normal,if you could check one of yours that would be great,nobody in my area has the x model with datologe gauges,by the way your mods look pretty cool
    Hi Maxwell, I noticed a thread about 4 sleds you were customizing. One of them was an 09 xp with a tricked out decal kit and more. I couldn't help but notice the suspension on it. What type of suspension is it and what is it worth. What sort of benefits are provided with that type of setup? I couldn't help but notice the shocks are positioned further back near the rear leaving alot of space through the center of the track. Does this make it weaker, say for jumping. I understand that it probably is better for cleaning and side hilling with the rear wheels inset. Just curious, I have only ever seen one other suspension close to that, although the name eludes me.
    no problem, thought i would ask. I see you have reciently up graded to a newer sled. good to see. what do you have for sale?
    Hay man, you guys got or know of any one who is selling an MBRP Trail Can that fits a 2000 700cc Doo??? I got a Race can that i am willing to trade or sell for a trail for my wifes sled. :confused:
    hey maxwell you are a good guy to ask about ski doos i have a 1999 600 sumitt that dyond at 132 hp my daughter would like to grass race it and i have a boondocker nos kit i would like to add to it what ramps work good in drag racing.thanks doug arcdoo
    Hey Maxwell, I sent you a message about your 146" tunnel/frame. I'm interested if you still have it. Thanks
    Hi Maxwell, Mike here, hoping for some advice but diddn't want to start a whole new thread. You defintley seem to be the Man when it comes to mod projects, I wnt to buildd my own seat for my 2002 yamaha mm 700. Something taller and thinner. Have you ever? or any tips would be appriciated. I know i'm a yank, but i have family in Sask. if that helps!
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