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  • Thinkin about maybe.. i am looking at one in Medicine hat. Close in price and shape etc.. How close to $5500 are you?
    the reason they shy away from it is because the 07 800r had major issues. but at 6000 thats still a very good price in my opinion. personally i would lower the price becuase it will cost you at least 2000 even if you install the motor yourself. 3000 if you dont. and it may still not sell. or only go fot 6000 then. i would either lower the price a bit or just give it some time. wait until the snow flys it may go then
    Hey do you know where to buy a trailing arm for a polaris, i guess Andy left his up in York creek hanging in a tree
    Hey spitfire what are you doing trying to figure out how to beat me to the top. Its called big kahuna's
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