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  • Hi Eric, I was with you, Alex and his family in Revy last Febuary.It was when we lost contact with Alex That it showed me how easy it would be for me being not as experienced in the mountains to get lost and I do not want to spend the night on the hill. I asked Alex what would be a good GPS to get. He said the One that you and he used in the end to find each other was good.He also said to give you a call for your thoughts. Seeing how fast the fog can come in and how thick it can get, a guy should have something . My son and I when out to Climena in March and were lucky with clear skies, but could have still been caught in some nasty weather. Not knowing very much about GPS systems it would be appreciated if you could lead us in the right direction. Thanks Bernard de Jong ( Bernoff )
    We have a couple of '08 polaris 700's 155 track.. They should work real well for her.. Just let me know asap, as people are booking sleds all the time..
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