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  • i was thinking abut making a trip with my ruck and deck also solo. was going ride valemount or revy. what kind sled you ride and do you have your avy safety gear? if interested pm me im 29 average rider not into big hill climb just the deep pow and the pow is sick in revy right now.
    Holy.... Didnt think that they would allow the grips to get warm enough to do that, oh well, lesson learned... And ya the ext is sleeping soundly in the back of my truck lol!! As for the knee, ya its much better today, it seems like it swells up to the point of locking the knee... once the swelling went down it was mobile again....TTYL
    Hey just a question, What about if they need registration or proof of insurance....???? I dont have any on the ext yet
    NO, due to Patents and detailes crap like that, they CANNOT make belts the exact specifications that Arctic Cat makes them to... They can get close, but copying the mold exactly will cause a whole bunch of other issues that I do not care about.... BEcause the secondary is a floating clutch... the center bolt holds the outer half on, all i have to do is loosen the bole, pull the half off, take key out of shaft, and add a .030" spacer washer... It also is going to help[ with the belt deflection and the squealing and dragging!!!
    Are they all the same thickness. I would just try one at a time. Looks like you will have to go buy some threaded rod and pull them apart
    HEy boss!!!!!!!! Ended up figuring out the issue with the belt length(hopefully)!!! Went to Arctic Cat Dealer, I also picked up a service manual, and both say that my secondary needs new shims between the 2 halves...bought new ones for 6 dollars and we'll try it out
    HEY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I checked out A WHOLE BUNCH of websites and different Shops that work on Cats, from what i can find out, Those clutches AVE to be pulled with the proper puller, and that rebuilds for the clutch can run 200-280.00.... Most people have said that the "COMET" clutches are quite good clutches, They also say if it still moves dont repair..... I dunno if its only a couple hundred to rebuild the Priary and Ill have a Good running sled for a while, I'd rather do that,. I'm gonna call glens small engine in lloyd and see if he has a puller I can get off of him. Talk to ya later
    Hay.... Great to hear from you. Isn't technology great. Any ways I recommend GARMIN GPS units. In Revy were using an old set of GARMIN Rino's (GPS & Radio) to communicate that day in the fog. GARMIN has several models out their but if you are interested get ones with the most wattage. Most are 0.5 - 3 watts. more watts = more range. You can also up load topographical maps onto the GARMIN'S which is nice to have. have a look at the attached link.

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