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  • Equivalent to that would be the Torco Hot Rod 110. I would reatil that out for around the 575 mark for a 55 gal drum, but I could sell it to you for about 550.

    If you have any other questions please let me know
    i'm very interested in your sled project. but i wont be on days off until the end of the month.. if you still have it i will come down from grande prairie to have a look and most likely pick it up
    thanks for your time
    Hey ron, hows things? Are you headed out this weekend? Me and the family are going back to vale, will be staying at the canoe this time, will be riding chappel on sat.
    I interested and also like haggling!Let me know what you want for it.I dont really need the gauges and wiring.I borrowed a friends sled last year and was going to show him how it would climb,apparently not very well.Any damage on the hood at all?And I guess the gauges and wiring would be a bonus!
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