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  • Are you aware of the survey and chance for input the County is taking for their trail systems? I have worked with this department on a couple surveys and they take the results very seriously! Can you get as many people to hit this as possible? It is a really great opportunity to be heard!

    Trails Strategy :: Strathcona County

    The deadline for input is December 17, 2010
    Hi. For the auction for oilers vs stars could you close it please ? Was supposed to close today and the thread will say who was highest bidder and of they want one or both sets of tickets. Somehow you'll need to get the winning bidder to pay snowandmud and get the tickets to them.Ron had them at the snowmobile show. If bidder doesn't want both pairs maybe second pair auction again ? Thanks I will leave it in your hands from here on.
    Hey catmando, We met at the snow show on Friday right after I donated to Tayors fund. You were there with Ron and SBR. I was screwin around with the friends thing and typed your name as it was the first one I could think of, next thing I knew I was asking for a friendship request. completly accidental. are so right and half of them couldnt ride a turbo even if they could afford one! You need to hang out with the good guys on snow and mudd
    yea right away their saying that the only way i can make it into a vid is if i have a turbo. i told are you kidding me!. im 120pnds on a m1000! why would i ever need a trubo. XD
    alright. ive been asked to put my video on backcountryrebels forum page. but im also still waitin on jim if its a yes or no. i dunno what to do.
    You will Clayton,just remember to get as many short clips as you can,makes for easier editing,And you are a very talented young man,get some courses under your belt and ride safe buddy!
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