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  • You bet.....Call Dusty at; 403-938-0930. He's in Dewinton, and if he doesn't have it, he can bring it in for you.
    sorry about the delay they didnt send a email or anything

    Suzuki King Quad 700 Piston Kit CP Pistons 700 King Quad Big Bore Kit
    bought the bb combo kit for $536 usd, $663 is what i paid campbell,(shipping back to me and currency convert), there was also a $35 customs charge, i didn't know about. it took a over a month which isnt too bad if you figure 2 weeks for them and 2 weeks for shipping .

    i didn't know it at the time but campbell only supply's the piston, millennium industry dose all of the rest
    sorry for the delay buddy... get a second opinion on the kingquad...not common to be low on compression... could just be tight valves, or maybe a topend, check and see what the compression is, and make sure if you decide to get it fixed that they. have warranty on there work....
    I hope you found the Nyrocs site usefull. it is a very good site for KING QUAD info
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