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  • Hey bud i got the info regarding the rates for a 24' trailers it goes for about 450 + tax a week, that what i could find calling around most places rent rv's not a lot ot trailers hope this help bud and can,t wait to go on that camping trip.
    hi catman, was intrested in riding the long island lake area. i was able to find lots of good pics of the spot but no directions to a staging area and was wondering if you could help. thanks
    Got the parts and got it all back together but will have to have someone come have a look to see if I missed something,Its makinf a noise,hoping its brakes!
    I already got the golf clubs out buddy!Even if they do make it they are in over there head!
    Sorry to say Catmando but your oilers seem to be done and they should get rid ot Mac T for next year
    Will keep that in mind,sold my daughter yammi so If it is a great deal I may look at it,So you get a women and quit drinkin beer or what?Drop by sometime if the new Warden will let you out LOL!
    re cat 600.Is it a 144? Does it have reverse and how many miles/km? I am very,very interested.Had the same one 2 years ago and regret selling it now as it was bullitproof. I can be in Edm by 6 on Sat.
    Thanks Tony
    Hi long time no see. Im think about selling the 650. What is a good price and do you know someone that is looking for a quad like this???
    Hey guys sno x March 21/22 2009 in Ardmore Ab. 20km east of Bonnyville Ab. preregister at Ultimate Canadian MotorSports Association - Extreme Racing in Manitoba, Canada!
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