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  • Are you opened up in your new shop yet? What do you suggest for a cam to improve my "08 Rubi 500? And probably looking to do a clutch kit as well. I heard Mud busters wear lobes off after a couple thousand Kms. Is that bogus?
    Hey Chrisco. Sledderdoc says you the man to talk to. I have a 2008 Rubicon and thinking of getting a cam installed. Can you help me out? Don't know what is available but just looking for a bit more get-up -and-go!!
    Hey buddy. Just seeing what is up for the weekend. Where we going and when we leaving. Also just seeing if you found out if your friend had a can or not. If not no biggy I will go to martin and get one.
    Hey Chris, it's Korena (Cal's wife) when or where can I drop this other part off to you?? Thanks, message or call (916-1933)
    hi there, i heard you are familar with the whitecourt area and i was wondering if you know of some good camping spots on the cutline to quad within 2 hrs from edmonton. also is there any fishing up there?thx
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